Urban Legends in Film - Introduction

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We all love a good story. Whether it’s a book, a TV show, movie or telling tales around a campfire with mates, the age-old tradition of hearing or watching a story unfold for us, has always been a staple in life. And often, the truth can be stranger than fiction, but when the two are put together to tell a twisted version of both, that’s where you get an Urban Legend. 

Believed to have originated formally in the late 1960’s, urban legends are everywhere. They come from the small stories told for scaring people, to the events in history that leave much open to speculation. Their origins are not always known, as the legends can be passed down from one generation to the next and find themselves journeying the world, and each time the story stops to circulate then continues on it way, will pick up a new addition to the plot, a different perspective or varied accounts of what actually happened in that story. 

Each telling of an urban legend would usually begin …